Atmos Boss Vaporizer Review


The brand that pioneered vape pens in the early days have a couple of different options available to them: they can stick with the models that got them noticed in the first place, or they can listen to customer feedback and set out to make an existing model even better. AtmosRX make very solid vapes for dry herb use, but they also constantly do all they can to address consumer feedback when they deliver a new device. One of the more common issues found in Atmos vape devices is that they would sometimes combust the materials, when what people really want is convection. The good folks at AtmosRX have worked hard to eliminate that issue from their latest units, and word is that they have done so with the Atmos Boss Vaporizer. Let’s take a closer look at this model to see of that is indeed the case.

Getting to know the Atmos Boss

Portability – At just a touch over 6 inches long, the Boss is more reminiscent of an e-cig than a vaporizer pen, which also means that it can be easily slipped into any pocket.

Ease of Use – The vaporizer itself is pretty easy to use, as there is only a single button to figure out on the device. While this makes it a good dry herb vaporizer pen for newbies, people are still going to learn how to properly grind their materials in order to get the best out of the device.

Power Source – The Boss is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and it usually lasts for 2-3 sessions on a full charge, which is about average for this type of device.

Prep Time – The longest part of your prep time will be in the preparation of your dry herbs, which need to be very finely ground for best results. The Boss is easy to load, and heats up very quickly.

Temperature Settings – There is only a single temperature setting for this vape pen, which is also not uncommon. The top of the unit does get hot, so always hold it by the battery section.

Vapor Quality – The combination of a low temperature setting and a great airflow system means that combustion is not an issue, which also means that you get great taste and vapor quality, albeit with pretty small clouds.

Pricing – The selling price for the Atmos Boss is listed at $129.95, but you can get it for a little less if you do a little bit of comparison shopping.

Guarantee – The 5-year limited warranty that you get with the Boss is much better than you get with other vapes in the same price range.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent vapor quality with good taste from start to finish
  • Prep time is short thanks to the Boss being easy to load
  • Very easy to use
  • Highly portable and discrete


  • Not very large vapor clouds
  • The top part of the device can become very hot when in operation
  • Materials need to be finely ground in order to get the best results