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Arizer XQ2


Arizer XQ2

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Kit Includes:
(1) Arizer XQ2 Heater
(1) Power Adapter
(1) Remote Control
(2) Glass Connoisseur Bowl
(1) Glass Aromatherapy Dish
(1) 3' Whip/Hose
(1) Glass Mini-Whip
(1) Glass Balloon Mouthpiece
(1) Balloon Connector
(2) Balloon Bags
(1) Balloon Cap
(1) Air Intake Filter
(1) Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
(1) Dome and Flat Screen
(2) Tuff Bowl Grips

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dry herbs

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The Arizer XQ2 is a new dual purpose dry herb vaporizer that provides users with a multitude of options and high levels of customization. The XQ2 is a desktop vaporizer that is bound to impress users with its quality and innovative features.


The XQ2 has a cone-like shape that many other desktop vaporizers have. It has a sleek finish that helps make it look nice on any desk or shelf. Being a dual purpose vaporizer, the XQ2 has a few different modes that users can take advantage of when using the device. These include a whip system, a balloon system, and an aromatherapy setting.

When using the whip system, users will need to fasten the three inch long whip attachment to the XQ2. With this attachment, users can have on-demand direct draws, or they can decide to utilize the XQ2’s fan for an assisted draw. The whip attachment is outfitted with glass on both of its ends, allowing it to be cleaned very easily and efficiently. These glass ends also help to show the overall quality of the device, as glass attachments are far superior to plastic. The balloon system lets users fill collection bags with vapor produced by the XQ2. This allows users to fill balloons up and then take them elsewhere to use at their leisure. Two balloon nags are included with the device, and these bags are extremely high quality. Users can also utilize the included silicone balloon cap to ensure that no vapor escapes while filling balloons. The aromatherapy mode can be utilized by attaching the aromatherapy dish to the device. Users can then fill it with their favorite herbs or botanicals. When this dish is heated at a low temperature with the fan turned on the low setting, it will produce and diffuse aromas into the air.

The XQ2 is equipped with a “dynamic mode” that allows users to know what the device is doing at all times. Dynamic mode does this by lighting the vaporizer up with various colors, each of which corresponds with a certain process or operation. When the XQ2 is in the process of heating, it will pulse with a yellow and orange color. When it reaches the temperature selected by the user, it will blink green twice. When the device has reached a stable temperature, it will slowly and continually pulse orange. When the fan is in use, the XQ2 will pulse with a purple light. While cooling it will pulse with a cyan light, and when cooling with assistance from the fan it will cool with a blue light. This system allows for users to easily see what the XQ2 is doing without scrolling through a menu, and it definitely makes the device very easy to use.

Using the XQ2

The XQ2 utilizes several different types of dishes and bowls to hold herbs. Users can take these attachments on and off depending on the experience that they want. The glass aromatherapy dish is used for aromatherapy and does an excellent job of diffusing aromas from botanicals. The other two bowls are both glass connoisseur bowls, but they each have different designs and functions. One of them is a cloud chamber. The cloud chamber acts as a large capacity herb chamber. It has a glass screen very close to the heater, which allows it to produce a stronger and thicker vapor. This bowl is recommended to use when filling balloon bags. The other bowl is the flavor chamber, which is a small capacity chamber. This chamber has a glass screen much further away from the heater compared to the cloud chamber. The flavor chamber produces a lighter and smoother vapor and is excellent for personal use and micro-dosing. Having three distinct bowls allows for users to have an excellent experience no matter how they decide to use the XQ2, which would not have been the case if only one bowl was provided. Loading these bowls is very simple, as your herb can just go right in from the top. The bowls are glass, so users can easily see if everything has been loaded correctly. The loading process is also the same no matter what mode the device is in, so you won’t need to worry about making any mistakes.

The XQ2 is equipped with one of the most user friendly interfaces of any desktop vaporizer. The device has several buttons placed around its color display. These buttons control power, temperature, the fan, and settings. They are all also clearly marked with universal symbols, so users will instantly know what they mean. The color display shows users the current temperature along with the selected temperature, and it does so in an easy to read fashion. The device is very easy to use, even with all of its nifty features.


The XQ2 utilizes convection heating technology to heat your herbs. Convection heating occurs when the vaporizer’s heat source heats your herbs indirectly. It does this by heating air, which then heats the herbs by flowing through them. Convection heating does a great job of bringing out rich flavors from dry herbs, and it has a much lower chance of burning herbs compared to conduction heating. Conduction heating occurs when the heat source makes direct contact with the herbs, heating them quickly but occasionally burning them as well. Convection heating does not have this problem. While convection heating may not heat herbs as fast as conduction, the XQ2 still heats up very quickly. This also will likely not be a problem since the device is designed to stay in one place, meaning users won’t be rushing to use it on the go.


The Arizer XQ2 is definitely one of the best desktop vaporizers available today. It has everything you could ask for and more. While the $239.95 price tag may seem rather large, buyers will absolutely be getting their money’s worth with the XQ2. It is an incredible vaporizer, and everyone should try to get their hands on one.

Arizer XQ2 Full Kit

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