Arizer Go | Argo Vaporizer


Arizer Go | Argo Vaporizer

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Kit Includes:
(1) Micro-Heater
(1) Battery
(1) USB Charger w/ Adapter
(2) Glass Tubes
(1) Carrying Case w/ Clip
(2) Stem Caps (silicone)
(1) Stirring Tool
(4) Steel Filter Screens

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The Arizer Go, also known as the Argo vaporizer, is the latest and greatest from Arizer. Small, portable, discreet, and fully-functional with countless settings—this dry herb vape has it all! With a unique heating chamber using both convection and conduction heating simultaneosly, you get large vapor production and pure flavor of the herb you are using.

Quality Dry Herb Vape

The blocky, rectangular design is on the small side at about 97 grams and 2x3 inches. It easily fits in the palm of your hand. The black, rubberized soft-touch finish and anodized aluminum body is durable—it’ll last you for countless sessions! While it does have a glass stem, the Argo has an interesting feature to keep the stem safe: a push-top lid that is activated by a button on the back of the device. The glass stem and isolated airpath give you great flavor in a small vaporizer!

Lots of Settings

The Argo vaporizer allows you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, change the beep level, change the power on delay, adjust the auto shutoff timer, adjust the display brightness, and it even includes a temperature check feature which allows you to set it so that it beeps when it’s heated up. You can adjust it down to the single digit if you want, or you can hold down the plus/minus buttons to jump 10 degrees at a time.

Replaceable, Versatile Battery

You have plenty of options when it comes to charging your Arizer Go vape! First of all, you can use it while it’s charging. It gives you about 1 ½ hours of battery life per charge. The battery is replaceable, and you have 3 different charging options: charge the vape via USB with your computer, charge it using the included wall adapter, or take out the battery and charge it by itself.

How to Use the Argo

Charge it fully for about 3 ½ hours before using. You can charge it by USB or with the wall adapter.

Press the Mode button and Plus button together for 2 seconds to turn on.

Press the Mode button to change your settings, if desired.

Use the plus and minus buttons to heat it up to your desired temperature.

Load the stem with medium to medium-fine ground herb.

Turn your vaporizer upside down and insert the glass stem completely into the vape until you have a tight seal. Only a small amount of the stem should stick out of the top of the device.

Allow the herb to get warmed up for a few seconds to a minute, then try out your new Argo vaporizer!

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