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Amour Crazy For Chocolate eLiquid


Amour Crazy For Chocolate eLiquid


Our premium eliquids are made to exacting pharmaceutical standards and are certified by the German RWTUV (the German equivilent to the FDA) to be of the highest purity and compliant to strict German food grade standards. Our eliquids are the smoothest flavor you will find!

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Why Choose Amour E-Liquids? Exclusively From PortableHookahs.com


Certified USP Standards When choosing an eliquid it is important to realize that market still remains unregulated. Ensuring your safety means choosing an eliquid made to the highest standards. Our eliquids are prepared under pharmaceutical laboratory conditions and adhere to the strictest international food grade standards. How can you be sure? Our eliquid manufacturer has received clearance from the RWTUV, the German equivalent of the US FDA. In fact, when regulation is finally passed in the US, our eliquids will be some of the first to be accepted by the FDA due to this certification.
Highest Quality Natural Flavoring All natural is all the rage, but what does it mean when it comes to your eliquid? Our eliquids are formulated from all natural food grade flavorings naturally extracted from the source of their flavor. Silky chocolate from natural cocoa beans, vanilla exquisitely crafted from pure vanilla beans, and vibrant fruit flavorings from your favorite tasty fruits. 100% natural flavoring mean a rich velvety vape each and every time. Try it for yourself today and see why artificial flavors just can't compare!
Silky Smooth Vapor You may have made the switch from tobacco or maybe you love our vaporizer pens as portable eHookahs, either way vaporizer pens deliver a bunch of flavor to your puffer and our eliquids are formulated to indulge you in a plethora of delicious flavors. Our special natural blends are silky smooth, providing you with the perfect blend of satisfaction whether you are using our nicotine or nicotine-free blends! Taste the difference today and see why Amour stands for the love of liquid!
Travel Worry Free eLiquids are meant to be your friend, to be there for a puff no matter where you are or where you are going. So you should't have to worry about taking your ejuice no matter where you go. Our eliquid bottles are made from a UV resistant material allowing you one less thing to worry about! Although you shouldn't leave your eliquids in direct sun or under elevated temperatures, our bottles provide maximum protection for your premium Amour eLiquids. The main concern about UV exposure and elevated temperatures with eliquids is the degradation of the nicotine molecule, if your eliquid doesn't contain nicotine then there is need to worry!
Proprietary Formulation Our Amour ejuice's are formulated from not only the highest quality ingredients but also using a proprietary blend of base and flavorings. Our special formulation maximizes cellular absorption and enhances flavor on every tastebud! What does this mean? Well unlike many inferior competitors our eliquids generate a vapor that is captured more effectively, although you may exhale less "smoke", if you puff and blow the vapor you will see the difference between what is generated and what is absorbed. For nicotine containing solutions this means a more effective nicotine delivery system!
Fast Filling Bottles Filling your eliquids can be a frustrating experience with many bottles, our sure seal bottles are not only child proof and prevent leaking but make filling your cartomizers a bit easier with the included syringe. Use this needless syringe to quickly fill your cartomizers without worrying about making a mess. If you are a fan of combining ejuice for your own custom flavors, our syringes make it easy to meter just the right amount each time! To use simply slip the syringe plastic into the bottle opening, flip the bottle to fill the syringe then fill your cartomizer by placing the syringe tip along the side and depressing. It's that clean and simple!
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