AirVape Xs Vaporizer


AirVape Xs Vaporizer

Kit Includes:
(1) Lifetime Warranty
(1) AirVape
(1) Wall Adapter
(1) USB Charger Cable
(1) User Manual
(1) Cleaning Brush
(1) Packing Tools
(1) Rubber Mouthpiece Cover
(1) Leather Carrying Case
~Full Convection Vaporizer

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The AirVape Xs is the industries new sleek and sturdy designed dry herb vaporizer. The build quality is incredible and the battery life is significantly greater than majority of portable vaporizers. This handheld device is impressively slim and fits into your pocket like a charm. For years, vape pens have been the go to portable devices but once you have put this into your pocket, you will see that it's definitely more comfortable. The Air Vape is great for rookies as well as experienced users because it only has two parts, the main body and then the mouthpiece pops up. The flavor production is great because of a very important factor. Most vaporizers have a plastic or rubber mouthpiece. Heat tends to effect the plastic or rubber material therefore slightly adjusting the flavor of vapor. The AirVape Xs comes with a glass mouthpiece therefore nothing will mess with the flavor of your herb. The heating chamber of this device is ceramic and will heat up your material evenly using the convectional heating method. On top of all of these great qualities, the LED screen will show you the current temperature of the over as well as the battery life. This true convection vaporizer is compared to some of the top vapes on the market in the $500 range while costing only $199 which is the best you can get for this price gauranteed. Many videos on YouTube will confirm this claim therefore if this vaporizer fits your budget, we can assure you that it is the correct decision. This kit has a LIFETIME warranty and can only be used when purchasing from an authorized reseller. A receipt will be requested at the time of registration. Currently, the device is on sale with free shipping and a 5% discount using our promotional code "420" Thank you and #VAPEON

Are you looking for a vaporizer that has it all? Well you can stop looking, because this vape has what you need.  Great design, easy to use, and gives you some bomb hits, the AirVape Xs is a triple threat in the vaping industry.

Thin and Sturdy Design

This vape was designed with portability in mind.  The Airvape Xs is incredibly small and thin, which means it can fit comfortably in your pocket like a charm.  It’s also durable and sturdy. Accidents happen and things get dropped, but with this pen, you won’t have to worry about it breaking at the first sign of a little slip up.  The Airvape Xs built to last!

Simple to Use

This vape is great for rookies and seasoned veterans because it only has two parts. The LED screen makes it simple and easy to adjust your temperature and your session time. You won’t have to take forever trying to figure out how to use this vape. It’s user friendly so you can get to your sessions as quickly as possible.

Great Taste

Sometimes a vape pen can have amazing features but it falls shorts in the flavor department.  Not with the Airvape Xs! With great heating capabilities and a glass mouthpiece, nothing with mess with the flavor of your herb.  If you’re someone who values a good flavorful hit, this is definitely the vape for you!

If you’re looking for a vape that has it all, the AirVape Xs is your solution. The hunt is over, this vape has everything that you need, and then some!

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