AirVape X Vaporizer Review


Compact in size but bold in flavor hits and quality vapor, the AirVape X is the perfect pocket size vape for dry herbs and concentrates. The effortless design and construction of this vape makes it a portable vaporizer that rivals many larger devices to prove that bigger isn’t always better. Made from high-grade materials with precision engineering, the AirVape X is one of the most powerful and sleekest portable vaporizers currently on the market.

Sleek design

The AirVape X was designed with portability in mind and weighs in at a low 3.2 ounces. Its frame is small and thin, making it easy to store in pockets when on the go. Constructed from high-grade materials, the metal frame is robust to endure every day wear and tear while still being extremely lightweight and compact.

Hybrid heating

Featuring hybrid convection and conduction heating, the AirVape X throughly vaporizes dry herb every time ensuring smooth, potent hits packed with flavor. This hybrid heating system means hot air flows to every corner of the chamber, heating every granule of dry herb and leaving no waste. The airflow is designed to isolate the vapor to retain flavor and potency, producing quality hits every time.

Precision temperature

Using two rubber arrow buttons, the AirVape X makes it easy to adjust the temperature to specific degrees in order to get the level of flavor, density and cloud size of your preference. Once you have adjusted the temperature, the chamber heats up to the exact degree in just 20 seconds. Another great feature of this vape is a vibration when the device reaches the desired temperature, meaning no need to watch the clock when waiting for that perfect hit.

Smooth hits

A dual filter screen system cools and smooths your vapor better than many other portable vapes. The isolated airpath also prevents inhalation of volatile or unpleasant compounds and delivers great flavor every time.

Easy to use

The AirVape X has few flaws and offers a wide range of reasons to invest in one. The effortless functioning is one of the qualities that makes this vape a high-quality product in a market overflowing with similar vaporizers. The sleek design that features only three buttons and an LED screen makes for effortless use and control of the temperature, auto-shutoff time and monitoring of the battery life. The magnetic mouthpiece simply snaps on and off to make loading and cleaning of the chamber quick and easy with every use.

Battery life

Although the AirVape X doesn’t have the greatest battery life, it still lasts for around three to four bowls on a full charge. Recharging also only takes about an hour and is simple since it makes use of a micro-USB to charge the 1300 mAh Li-ion battery. Another plus is that the vaporizer can be used while charging, making longer sessions possible.