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AirVape OM Vaporizer


AirVape OM Vaporizer

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(1) OM Vaporizer
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(1) Glass Mouthpiece
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Brand AirVape

This small keychain vape puts the “portable” in “portable vaporizer!” You can attach this wax and oil vape to your keys and no one will ever suspect that it’s a vaporizer. It just looks like a cool, elegant wood and metal keychain. And you won’t have to sacrifice performance or flavor with the AirVape OM, either. Despite its high level of affordability, this little device is very customizable—you can even tailor the settings to your personal preferences with 4.0v, 3.2v, or 2.4v voltage presets. Overall, this tiny keychain vaporizer packs a punch! Just screw on the easy-to-attach prefilled cartridge and you’re ready to go. This may just be the coolest and most inconspicuous wax pen on the market!

Removable Ceramic Dish Atomizer

The quality ceramic dish atomizer is great for waxy or oil concentrates. It heats up your concentrates low and slow. It allows you to vape your concentrates thoroughly and efficiently without wasting a drop! You can get intense, potent flavor and big hits. Plus, the atomizer is easy to remove if you want to replace it with any size prefilled or refillable cartridge.

Oil Cartridge Compatible

This unit is compatible with most prefilled or refillable cartridges for wax and oil concentrates. You can get different sizes of cartridges to meet your needs. Simply remove the cap and the atomizer, screw the cartridge into place, and then replace the cap. The magnetic attachments make it even easier to screw the pieces on and off.

Cartridge Covers for Extra Stealth & Protection

The keychain design makes this one of the stealthiest vapes on the market. Simply slip one of the sleek metal cartridge caps over the cartridge and no one will know it’s a vaporizer! The cartridge caps match the unit perfectly and they come in 2 sizes. They’re also great for protecting your cartridgeand they add an extra layer of safety when you toss your vape in a bag or store it in your pocket.

3 Voltage Preset Options

With three voltage presets, it’s easy to get low, medium, or high temperatures depending on your personal preference and the concentrate you’re using. There is a color-coded system for the voltage settings: a white light comes on for the lowest setting, a blue light indicates the medium setting, and a red light indicates the highest setting.

Simple Controls

This device has just one button that controls the settings. Press five times to turn the unit on or off. Press twice to cycle through the 3 different voltage settings. The button is satisfying to click and ergonomic to use, too. It’s as simple as that! Anyone, young or old, can figure this vaporizer out—no problem!

Beautiful Design

The AirVape OM is a unique-looking vaporizer that has the appearance of dark polished wood and metal. You could almost use it as a décor item! The glass mouthpiece looks nice, is easy to clean, and also helps to enhance the smoothness and flavor of your vapor, unlike plastic or metal mouthpieces, which can change the flavor of your hits.

AirVape OM Set

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