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AirVape Legacy


AirVape Legacy

Kit Includes:
(1) AirVape Legacy
(1) Removable 18650 Battery
(1) USB-C Charging Cable
(1) Cleaning & Loading Tools
(1) Replacement Screens
(1) User Manual Lifetime Warranty

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The Legacy Vaporizer is the newest addition to Apollo's AirVape line. This hybrid (dual-use) vape uses a pure convection heating system. This is unlike the "convection-style" conduction heating system used by all other AirVapes as well as 99% of all vapes on the market. Pure convection heating creates the purest form of vapor with better flavor and no smoke what-so-ever, unless the heat is cranked up to the max. Aside from the obvious impressive luxurious design, the functionality of this vaporizer is absolutely perfect. There is currently no portable vaporizer on the market that produces clouds like the AirVape Legacy.

Quality & Performance

The Legacy vaporizer is superior to all AirVape models as well as to majority of vapes on the market. The convection heating chamber used with this device is 24K gold plated. This allows for a quick 15 second heat up time to your optimal temperature and even vaporization across the dry herbal blend used inside. Internal glass parts allow for perfect airflow therefore creating less draw resistance, larger clouds and no product wasted. The internal glass tube used for vapor transfer can also be removed in case you you'd like to clean it for great flavor at all time. Cleaning the pathway will ensure a healthy long life for your vaporizer. Like the AirVape X, the ceramic mouthpiece is used to prevent the flavor and quality of vapor changing due to heat. Ceramic also prevents the mouthpiece from getting hot.

Using the concentrate pad

Simply clean out any material from the oven and place the concentrate pad at the bottom of the chamber. Then, dab the concentrate right above the pad. Since concentrates require a higher temperature to vaporize, always max out the device at 464°F. Larger clouds will be produced after several draws due to concentrates taking a bit longer to reach optimal temperature.

User Friendly

The Legacy uses sensor technology as a safety measure. This means that if there is absolutely no movement detected, the device will auto shutoff after 60 seconds. USB-C allows for faster charging, especially when a powerful 3000mAh battery is used. This is a removable 18650 battery therefore you are able to get extra batteries in case you are going away somewhere where you are unable to charge. With this design, you are able to use a wireless charging pad (sold separately) just like the new cell phones do. A Stirring/Packing tool is carefully locked above the oven so that you always have it on the go. Last but not lease, the Legacy uses haptic feedback (vibration) when your desired temperature is reached and it is ready to be vaped.

Eco Friendly Design

  • Eco friendly hemp textile on front and back of device prevents the vape from feeling hot during use.
  • None animal based leather (vegan) on the sides and bottom of device.
  • The outer packaging is made out of recycled paper.

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