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AirVape Legacy Pro


AirVape Legacy Pro

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(1) Legacy Pro
(1) 18650 Removable Battery
(1) Concentrate Pad Insert
(1) USB-C Charger Cable
(1) Cleaning Tool
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The AirVape Legacy Pro is a new and refined model from AirVape that builds on the success of the previous Legacy model while adding in some excellent new features and resolving any issues from its predecessor. Those who purchase the Legacy Pro may never need to buy another vaporizer again. Whether you want a 3 minute session, 5 minute session, 10 minute session or even just a quick hit on the go with an on demand function, you have it all with the Legacy Pro!


Made to be compatible with both dry herbs along with concentrates, the Legacy Pro has an incredible design that allows it to function perfectly. The vaporizer is made of high-quality materials which include a ceramic mouthpiece and gold-plated heating chamber. When holding the Legacy Pro, users will be able to tell that care and thought went into the design of this device. Some nifty user-friendly features are present, such as an auto-shutdown that occurs when the device has not been used for 60 seconds. Some may think that this is too early, but this feature allows the device to save power, and its very quick power up time makes it a non-issue. The chamber has been given a size increase compared to the Legacy, allowing the Pro to hold around 20% more product.

The vaporizer is powered by a 18650/3200 mAh battery that can be removed and replaced if necessary. The Pro utilizes USB-C charging as well, which is always a great feature due to the quickness and efficiency of this charging method. In addition to USB-C, the Legacy Pro can even be charged wirelessly, for those that want a total hands-off experience.


The Legacy Pro’s heating is controlled by several buttons located on the side of the device. Users have precise control of the device’s temperature, meaning that you can select the exact heat for the device inside the available temperature range. The temperature range of the device is 212 degrees Fahrenheit to 464 degrees Fahrenheit. This offers up a large amount of control to the user to get the exact experience that they want. The device will vibrate once the desired temperature has been reached, and it typically heats up in around 15 seconds, letting users start a session at a moment’s notice.


The Legacy Pro easily fits into your hand, pocket or bag, allowing users to take it with them on the go without any hesitation. The design of the device is not as conspicuous as some pen-shaped vaporizers, so it should not draw too much unwanted attention. If you need a device that can be taken with you out into the open, the Legacy Pro is the perfect vaporizer.


One way that users can get even more out of their Legacy Pro is by purchasing some interesting accessories for the device. AirVape offers a water bong attachment that is compatible with the AirVape X, Legacy, and Legacy Pro models. This accessory really changes the device and is the perfect purchase for those who are fans of bong sessions.

The AirVape smell and splash proof bum bag is the perfect way to carry your device around while ensuring that it stays discreet and out of the public eye. Users can wear the bag around their chest or waste, giving them an excellent way to carry their Legacy Pro when they go out.

Our conclusion after reviewing the Legacy Pro

If you have experience with any dry herb vaporizer, the Legacy Pro is definitely going to be a great device for you. If you are new to vaporizers, this device will also be one that you can confidently purchase. The Legacy Pro from AirVape does what all vaporizers should do, while staying at a reasonable price of $269. Some may think this price tag to be too high, but you can be confident that your money is going towards a product that is going to perform and last a very long time not to mention the lifetime warranty it comes with.

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