Air Vape Review


We have spoken before about how selecting a vaporizer is often comes down to a combination of design and features. While vapers want a device that gets the job done well, they also want a unique looking vaporizer that will draw some real attention. One that certainly fits the bill is an herbal vaporizer known as the Air Vape. This is a device that almost certainly does not look like the dry herb vaporizers that you are used to seeing nowadays. The big question here is whether or not it can deliver the features to make it a device that you should consider buying. That is what we are looking to find out here, so let’s dig a little deeper into the Air in order to get an idea of exactly what it has to offer.

Getting to know the Air Vape

Portability – The Air vape is rectangular is shape and larger than many dry herb vaporizers, but it does have an advantage over the box style vapes in that it is incredibly thin. This is designed to be a portable device, and one that you should have no problem slipping into your pocket.

Ease of Use – There are just two parts to this device, and they are incredibly easy to put together and get apart. Draw resistance is about average, so no issues there either.

Power Source – The Air is quick and easy to charge, and you can expect to get about 60 minutes of continuous vaping, which is about standard for a device of this size and price range.

Prep Time – Prep time is a little longer than other handheld vaporizers, but this is because you are looking at a convection device that heats your materials. You are looking at about 45 seconds for the temperature setting to be reached, which really isn’t that long when you consider the quality of taste and potency that you get from this thing.

Temperature Settings – Temperature controls on the Air Vape are excellent, and can easily be seen on the bright LCD display on front. You can get as precise as you want with the controls, which makes it easy to create your perfect vaping experience.

Vapor Quality – This is another area where this device excels, thanks in large part to a screen that keeps unwanted particulates out of your vapor. As previously mentioned, taste and potency are excellent, and you can also get some rather impressive clouds. The taste will diminish a little during the course of a session, but not too badly.

Pricing – You can usually find the Air for somewhere in the $170 range, which is really quite affordable for a unit of this quality.

Guarantee – Price aside, the real value of the Air is found here, as it comes with a lifetime warranty, which is just not something that you see very often.

Pros and Cons


  • Unique, portable design
  • Excellent price point
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great temperature controls
  • Very good flavor and potency


  • Longer sessions can result in hot vapor