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AGO G5 Dual Use Vape


AGO G5 Dual Use Vape

Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $69.95
Kit Includes:
(1) 650mah Battery w/ LCD Display
(1) Dry Herb Heating Chamber (Ceramic)
(1) Heating Chamber for Concentrates
(1) Heating Chamber for eLiquids
(1) Spring and mesh filter
(1) Rubber mouthpiece
(1) Packing tool
(1) Wall adapter
(1) USB charger
(1) User Manual
*Disclaimer: Conduction Vaporizer

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All In One Vape

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AGO G5 Dual Use Vaporizer Pen Kit Dry Herb, Wax/Oil & eLiquid Vapor Kit

The AGO G5 dual use vaporizer pen is the newest addition the AGO vaporizer lineup. It’s a worthy addition, too, as it is compatible with dry herbal blends, solid concentrates such as wax, shatter, crumble, hash and oils such as eliquids/eJuice, all of which can be added to the heating chamber for vaporization. What has made this particular hookah pen such a big hit right away is the affordability factor; it is offered at a much more affordable price point than that of comparable Atmos Raw products. This vaporizer pen is the perfect choice for those who are looking to vape on a budget and who don’t want to carry around multiple devices for different vaping experiences.

The G5 dual use is sometimes also referred to as a "triple use or all-in-one vape" because of the three seperate heating chambers that it comes with. Yeh, for this price it is the bang for the buck. One heating chamber is considerred a "dry herb chamber" however it is common for people to use it with solid concentrates. We suggest to buy glass screens if that is what you are planning to do. This way, the coil will remain clean. Glass screens are great to keep the dry herb heating chamber healthy all together. If you are interested in them, please scroll all the way down and you will see an option for a 6-pack of screens. The second chamber is the "wax chamber" and this one is exclusively for solid concentrates. The third chamber is king of like a "jack of all trades" for oil. You can use any vape-able oil usually mixed with VG, PG, MCT and also nicotine juice often referred to as eLiquid or eJuice.

If you are looking for the most current model in the AGO vaporizer lineup, you will find it with this beauty, the G5 dual use vaporizer hookah pen. This is a hybrid of sorts, as it can use either organic materials or eLiquids, both of which can be vaporized in the chamber. It uses a 650mAh battery with a universal 510 threading. That means you can use it with many different heating chambers made by various brands as long as the chambers use a 510 threading as well. This hookah pen has become incredibly popular, largely due to the fact that is so competitively priced when compared to the high end AtmosRaw products. 

If your looking to buy the original AGO G5 Vaporizer Pen, click below:

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