Age of Hemp Review


As we all have seen, new CBD brands seem to be popping up daily. What most of you don't know though, is that they are also closing up shop daily as well. Here we will explain the proper way of choosing CBD merchandise based on quality as well as your needs. As an example, we will review Age Of Hemp because they meet all criteria for the highest quality CBD available on the market.

How to tell between real CBD & fake CBD?

When looking through various brands of CBD, you will see some state "full spectrum" and then on the same package state "zero THC" We recommend to stay away from any products displaying contradictory information such as that. If a CBD product just shows milligrams of CBD without any info on Cannabinoids or spectrum, this product can only help via the placebo effect.

When looking through Age Of Hemp's website, each product page will have easy access to third party lab results. All quality CBD brands should list third party lab results on their website. If they do not, we highly recommend to avoid those companies as quality CBD reports should have nothing to hide.

These are some of the most critical factors when choosing CBD. There are many options which we will list below:

Full Spectrum CBD - All Cannabinoids including 0.3% of THC are present

Broad Spectrum CBD - All Cannabinoids excluding THC are present

CBD Isolate - Only 1 Cannabinoid is present (CBD)

Hemp Oil - If no Cannabinoids are listed, avoid buying this type of product.

With Age Of Hemp, all options for human beings are full spectrum. This is because for CBD to offer maximum performance, the entourage effect should take place. This can only happen when all Cannabinoids are present.

Imagine that the "Entourage Effect" is a football game. For it to work, you must have a coach and all the players. CBD is the coach while the other Cannabinoids are part of the (team) full spectrum oil. CBD (the coach) guides each substance (player) on the team to maximize the effect of each member.


Age of Hemp's merchandise is made within an FDA registered facility. This is extremely rare for CBD and is often reflected in the price. All Age of Hemp products are GMP Certified. The system for good manufacturing practice ensures the products are produced and controlled to quality standards. Last but not least, Age of Hemp CBD is sourced from a state regulated farm within the United States of America. Make no mistake comparing industrial hemp farming to marijuana farming. Rules between these two types of farms are significantly different. Raw material from state regulated industrial hemp farms are higher in quality and cost more.

It is important to understand that just because you may feel some sort of an effect from taking a CBD product does not mean that the CBD product is using quality material. Since CBD users have a daily routine on the product of their choice, we urge you to do the research with third party lab results and ask for certifications on the product you will be using.


Out of thousands of CBD brands on the market, Age Of Hemp competes with only the top 1%. While competing with these quality brands, Age Of Hemp's pricing is very competitive if not the lowest compared to majority of high end CBD companies.

Products offered by Age Of Hemp

Age Of Hemp Product Line

Reasons for use

The research on CBD benefits is endless therefore we put a list of well known benefits to the following conditions. Please do your own research if you feel that CBD can benefit you as well. The source we highly recommend for clinical research on specific benefits is This website explains exactly how CBD can affect various ailments therefore providing a better understanding for anyone curious about potentially giving CBD a chance.

Pain Management

Inflammatory Conditions

Stress & Anxiety

CBD promotes bone health

CBD can improve quality of sleep

CBD can combat addiction

Can improve heart health

neurodegenerative diseases

Elevated Blood Pressure

Digestive Aid



Drug Withdrawals

Quitting Smoking

Mood Disorders

Fighting Cancer

Type 1 diabetes

Rare Cases of Acne

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Lowered Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Better Cholesterol Profiles




Nausea and Appetite

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Alzheimer's disease

Sleep Disorders




Muscle Spasms

Muscle Pain