Dry Herb Vaporizers, Wax Concentrate Vaporizers, Oil Vaporizers & more!


At Portable Hookahs, we strive to provide each of our customers with the highest quality of products to enjoy their favorite dry herbs, waxes, concentrates and fluids. That’s why we offer only the best – the best convection and conduction devices, the best accessories and – of course – the best prices. We will do our best to help you select the perfect vaporizer for yourself.

Who Are We?

Portable Hookahs rose originally from a passion for hookahs, the tried and true smoking experience that originated centuries ago in Persia and became a popular tradition throughout the Ottoman Empire and into the Middle East and India. While hookahs remain popular today, we have turned our attentions toward the newest innovations – vaporizing. Blending the best of the ancient traditions with the latest technology, vaporizer pens and portable vaporizers are a convenient and effective way to enjoy your favorite tastes on the go, and we perform extensive research into each of our products to provide leading products backed with comprehensive information for our clients. 

What Do We Offer?

An easier answer might be what we don’t offer! We carry the best portable vaporizers and vaping equipment from Atmos, Pax and Cannastick – and many others. We also stock a full range of accessories to help keep your vape pen performing at its best or to add new functionality to your existing device to allow you to branch out into waxes or liquids, if you’d like. Plus, staying true to our roots, we also keep a variety of beautiful glass hookahs in stock, perfect for enjoying at home with friends. Don’t forget our blog, chock full of information about vaping, laws around the country and other great information to keep you informed and help you get the best experience possible with vaping.

Customer Service

Our dedication to our clients starts before you even arrive. We do extensive research on our devices so you don’t have to. We keep on top of the latest products, and stock the best and newest items in our constantly updating inventory. Plus, we keep our prices low, helping our customers save on the latest portable vaporizers and vaping technology. We also offer free shipping – even international shipping options, too! – helping our clients get exactly what they’re looking for quickly and affordably. We also back up your purchases with customer support available by phone to help answer any questions about operating devices or even selecting the right vaporizer pen before you order. 

From our home in Brooklyn to your home, trust knowledge and experience when it comes to selecting your next vape pen, portable vaporizer or hookah – trust Portable Hookahs!