The Kind Pen - V2 Portable Vaporizer Pen

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Kit Includes:
1 Mouthpiece
1 Li-Ion Battery
1 Micro USB Charger
1 Deep Herb Attachment
1 Wax Attachment
1 Oil Attachment
1 Dabber Tool
1 Cleaning Tool (new)
1 Silicone Jar (new)
1 User Manual

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Regular Price: $100.00

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The Kind Pen - Portable Vaporizer Pen


There can now be no denying that the electronic age is alive and well when it comes to “smoking.” More and more people are seeking out the vaping experience as there now become fewer places to legally smoke traditional cigarettes. If there is one problem – albeit not a bad one – which the ecig industry is facing is that there are now all sorts of subcategories to choose from. There are those who will vape nothing but dry herbs, while others swear by wax or oil. There really is no wrong selection, as it all comes down to personal choice.

The issue here is deciding which is best for you, which usually means buying a bunch of different attachments for your vaporizer pen. The good news is that there is now a single solution to that problem, and it comes in the shape of The Kind Pen. While this great looking vaporizer pen appears to be like many of the other vape pens currently available, it has the distinction of coming with separate attachments for dry herb, wax and oil. The Kind Pen portable vaporizer not only delivers a great vaping experience, it also gives you the option of changing out what you vape as your mood suits.

The Kind Pen kit comes with a battery, as well, and is available in three cool colors. It also includes a mouthpiece that is used whether you vape wax or dry herb. The great thing about the kit is that all three of the attachments are clearly marked so that newbies don’t make the mistake of putting the wrong product in the attachment that they are using. Also included with The Kind Pen personal vaporizer kit are several handy little accessories and tools, including a USB charger, a dabber, a cleaning tool and a convenient little silicone jar.

The dry herb vaporizer attachment can hold a fair amount of product, which means you don’t have to spend a ton of time reloading when you want a longer vaping experience. Changing between the dry herb, oil and wax vaporizer attachments is quick and easy, and the box that the kit comes with makes it incredibly simple to safely store all of your pieces.

When vaping with the dry herb attachment, you will love how a single push on the battery quickly heats up the element to deliver a very pleasing herb jolt. Vaping is just as effective and pleasing with the other attachments, making this the perfect device for those that like to mix things up a little when they vape. This herb, oil and wax vaporizer is about as good as it gets, and the cost of The Kind Pen kit is lower than buying the attachments for each type of material separately.

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Customer Reviews

Def a good starter kit! Review by Chan
The kind pen allowed me to enjoy both dry herb and wax anywhere I go. This pen is the most discreet portable vaporizer pen that I have ever seen. Also, I quit smoking stoges with the eLiquid chamber. With a lifetime warranty you cannot go wrong with this kit, literally CANNOT go wrong. (Posted on 11/5/14)
The bang for the buck! Review by Rick
I've been using this pen for over 5 months now and this company replaces my coil for free every time I ask them to. You can use this for your herb in any form whether its dry, wax or oil. The lifetime warranty is awesome! (Posted on 6/24/14)

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