AGO G5 Portable Wax & Dry Herb Electronic Vaporizer Vape Pen

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1 x G5 Battery with digital display
1 x Ceramic Heating Chamber
1 x Chamber Connector
1 x Ceramic Filter
1 x Mesh Filter & Spring
1 x Rubber Mouthpiece
1 x Cleaning Brush Tool
1 x Packing Tool
1 x USB & Wall Adapter (US)
1 x USB Charger
1 x User Manual

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Regular Price: $79.95

Special Price: $39.95

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The recent model of the Ago vapor line is the G5 dual use vapor kit. This vapor pen has an LCD battery at the bottom showing the amount of puffs and power remaining. This vapor pen is compatible with both organic materials such as vaporizing wac and dry herb in the same single chamber. This has made the G5 the most stylish, portable and uniquely designed pen on the market. Many companies have remade this type of product targeting it's exact features.This light weight vaporizer can be carried around discreetly as a pen and enjoyed where ever you'd like to take it. This is the bang for your buck!

A little information you may like to know about this Vaporizer:

Ever since Eagle Bill Amato, the father of vapor designed one of the first affordable Vaporizers, they have been growing in popularity within the Cannabis community. It would however be surprising to most people to learn that vaporizing has been around way before Amato’s era, in fact  there are many accounts of vaporizing that can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilization.

Vaporizing simply is raising the temperature of dry herbs and other materials in order to release desirable components in the form of vapor without the problem of combustion. Vaporizers used in those times are obviously archaic when compared to new improved devices of this time, but the concepts & working principle are similar.

Instead of burning weed and paper with fire and creating a bunch of carcinogens, Wax & Dry herb vaporizer pens use electricity to vaporize the active molecules in dried flower and other dried herbs. The G5 Portable Herbal Vaporizer pen is one of the most effective, efficient and sleekest of Wax & Dry herb vapes available. This Dry herb vape is so discrete; it can be easily used in public with no unnecessary attention and problems. Below are some of the things you have to learn to appreciate the grandeur of the G5 Portable Herbal Vaporizer pen.

Raw Beauty

The G5 Portable Herbal Vaporizer pen is a hand-held device that comes in various lovely shades and colors. The vapor kit is unarguably one of the most discreet and portable vaporizers on the market. The design is the definition of “Sleekness” and as a result of its compactness; it can be carried along anywhere you go.

Ease of use

This superb Dry Herb Vape has one of the highest ratings for any device in this category. With its easily fill able chamber it allows you to load it rapidly and easily.  Turning the unit on and off is simple as well.

Battery Life

G5 portable vape has a lithium-ion rechargeable internal battery that charges up completely in less than 2 hours. This full charge usually lasts for nothing less than 2 hours of continuous vaping.

Vapor & Taste

The Vape Pen is uniquely designed to work with only dry herbs and wax. Please purchase a glass screen in order to create a cleaner vaping experience.


It is made with parts of very high quality being extremely durable, the Chamber is made of ceramic.


This Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen is a high precision device and should be maintained and cleaned regularly. Moisten the cleaning brush with alcohol. Holes of the device get clogged periodically with oil from the dried herbs; alcohol is the right solvent to clean this up. It however requires delicate handling especially when using the brush; do not rotate the brush in the chamber but use an up and down vertical motion to clean.

 -Diameter: 14mm
 -Battery Voltage: Constant volts
 -Battery Capacity: 650mah
 -Color: Your choice (select above)
 -Charge Time: 2-3 hours
 -Life of battery: 300 times cycle


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Customer Reviews

Can't go wrong with this vaporizer pen! Review by Robert
For those of you that do not know, this is almost the same thing as the Atmos vaporizer at a fraction of its cost. The only essential thing this kit is missing compared to the Atmos is the glass screen that can be purchased as per your own preference. I've been vaping for years and I can honestly tell you this is the bang for the buck if you enjoy vaping dry herbs. (Posted on 6/24/14)

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